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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start the Coaching?

Simple: start by booking an Assessment Session. During this session of 30 mins, we will go through your current struggles and goals and quickly brush up on your current schedule for me to get a fair view on your areas of improvement. Once done, I will let you know which type of coaching is best suited to your needs!

What should I prepare for my first time Assessment Session?

The first time Assessment Session is a short 30-min session, where we get to talk for the first time and I ask you targeted questions to know you better and which coaching plan would be the best for you. I will ask what your current time management looks like and you what your goals are, and any other question I deem relevant based on your specific situation! Please come relaxed: this first time Assessment Session is not a test of any sort, and you will see how easy I am to talk to :)

Are the coaching sessions in group or 1:1?

All my coaching sessions are 1:1 only, and fully personalised, which is why my coaching may seem slightly expensive. That said, within the course of 2022, I will open group classes and seminars for specific workshops, generalised to everyone, for my Coachees to get specialised skills in time management outside of their Coaching.

How much time does the Coaching take?

It will depend on yourself, and what you wish to achieve. Generally, a Coaching lasts between 3 to 6 months, but there is no minimum or maximum limit. If you do not have the will or budget to undergo a long-term coaching program, you may also book individual coaching sessions. Please contact me for more information.

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