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Curious about what the people who already tried the Balance Coaching have to say about it?
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Influencer & Freelancer


"When I first took her session, I was working more than 9 hours everyday (even on weekends) only to post videos on Instagram. I really hated myself because I thought I should be able to do more things and be able to do them better.

But Ally told me that I was trying hard and helped me organize my days so I could have more time for myself. When we made my weekly schedule together, I still remember that I thought the schedule was empty and not very productive.

That was just 4 months ago. I don’t think you would believe what I can do now.

I still keep posting on instagram, and I started uploading again on YouTube once a week, I started my Podcast where I release episodes twice a week and I started my own Patreon membership program. Now I am planning on creating a Podcast membership program as well as an email magazine. I became so much more productive, but the more important thing is that now I feel so much better. I’m more confident, I’ve become kinder to myself and surprisingly I feel like I have more time than before. Now I enjoy my weekends and I don’t wake up in the morning thinking about video scripts.

I learnt from Ally that there’s always a way to make more time and enjoy your work/study much more even when you are overwhelmed and feeling like you are not achieving anything. I’ll definitely come back to her sessions again when I am stuck with my work/study/life! Thank you Ally for everything!"



Full-time Worker & Language Lover

I started coaching with Ally immediately as soon as she began.

I came to her with this kind of mind set: I need to exploit each and every minute of my time. Am I done with working? Perfect, I have to study. Am I done with study? Perfect, I have to read. And so on.

One of the first things I told her was that I felt “guilty” each time I wasn’t doing what I planned or “what I should be supposed to do” in a certain slot of time. I doubted my productivity and my goals, I was unsatisfied with my whole time management and frequently demotivated.

With Ally I spoke about many important topics and the most important “lesson” - but I hate thinking about our meeting as “lessons”, they are more like coffee talk - was that "resting time” is as important as the time I spent doing my tasks. For how simple it may be, if I look back at my life what I see is a crazy girl trying to achieve everything she has in mind, without taking a breath, just pushing forward.

Is it this bearable? Yes, but at a huge cost: being constantly drained, tired and unsatisfied about the huge goals I wasn’t even able to be happy with. That’s what I realized with coaching.

With Ally and her kindness, I developed a new mindset, a new way of looking at resting without that initial sense of guilty and nowadays I’m able not only to achieve my goals without any problem, but also to rest in between and manage (and accept!!) those moments when my life is not balanced - because there will be always those moments. I have learnt to listen to my body, to be compassionate about myself - how harsh I was! - and all thanks to Ally that drove me toward this sense of peace within myself.

It’s important to point out - for whoever is gonna read this - that most of the work will be done by you: Ally has no magic potion to make things change in a blink of an eye and there’s no secret behind, just listening and be listened by Ally and, especially, by yourself. Balance is a dynamic process, you’re gonna keep moving toward and far from it, for the rest of your life. I needed to accept it, I needed to give up on perfectionism that was just in my mind, and live within a balance while moving toward the next one. This is life and that’s what Ally taught me in the past six months: being in an unbalanced situation is not bad, is not wrong, is just part of the cycle; we must accept and work toward the next balance with no race, no rules, just following our needs and always remembering to listen to ourselves.

Thank you Ally, this has been one of the most important journey of my life!

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Freelance Writer & Languages Lover

(United States)

Ally is one of a kind!

Not only is she a wonderful self development and time management coach, but a terrific person as well.

When I first started working with Ally in September 2021 I already had pretty strong time management skills. Ambitious, I wanted to push myself to do more, better, and faster. However I was teetering on the edge of burnout and never felt like I was doing enough.

With Ally’s guidance, I was able to create a more balanced life that is also conducive for consistent creative output. I am professionally busier than ever, and thanks to Ally, I am more confident in myself and my abilities.

Even though I was an “advanced student” when I started, Ally tailored a plan and strategy perfectly suited for me and my goals. She is an incredibly warm, generous, and thoughtful coach and I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s the best!

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