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Find Your Balance Coaching

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Time management and life management coaching sessions which can be punctual or regular sessions as part of a Coaching Value Plan. I adapt the Coaching support to your needs and availabilities. These sessions are private, 1:1, via Zoom.

Group Seminars (soon)

Touching on specific topics related to Time Management and overall personal management, come meet me in a less intimidating setting and join the Balance Community. These will be set at a very low price.

Online Courses (soon)

Through online courses, I am able to guide you step-by-step, just like I would do during a mid-term or long-term coaching program, with the only difference that we won't actually meet unless you wish so. You are able to get through the whole coaching program online, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your home.

Energy Levels Coaching

Good Time Management cannot come without good Energy Levels Management. I am able to offer you counselling to master your own energy levels whenever you need.

Written Consultation

Some things are better said in writing. I have answered the needs of some of my Coachees and opened up written consultation services, whereby I can counsel you in writing. There is no obligation to meet up.

Language Learning Support

Being trilingual myself and having gone through the tiring but rewarding process of learning a new language from scratch, I have theorised and proof-tested tons of methods and systems which I can share with you to help you develop your full language learner potential.

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