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Trial Session

  • Available Online

    A no pressure 45-min private call with me.

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    45 min

    2,500 Japanese yen

Coaching Plans


Interested in Coaching Plans?

For a mid-term to long-term coaching support, check out the value plans I offer.

Not ready to commit to a plan?

Check out my one-time coaching sessions instead.


Who is Coach Ally?

Ex-lawyer I started giving online coaching sessions in September 2021 as a side business to my main job as an in-house corporate lawyer, and coaching has been my main professional activity, since October 2023.


I offer online coaching sessions from the comfort of my home in Fukuoka, Japan, for clients living all over the world and with all kinds of backgrounds.


I specialise in coaching support for time management applied to language learning.

I have a lot of experience managing multiple projects at a time (multiple business activities, studying, writing, content creation, personal projects) which means I deeply understand the weight and frustration of having so much to do, and what feels like not enough time.

My mission today is simple: I have a holistic approach to coaching, and I give my clients the advice, support, education, tools and resources they need to both prioritise what they need to AND do what they love, without sacrificing their health and well-being.

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